Washburn RR40 Rhoads V Project

$ 1189.00

Awesome late 80s guitar, fairly rare. This one is missing the pickup but will make an otherwise pretty easy project for someone looking for one. It had a regular humbucker fitted to it when purchased and played well, but needs a triple coil pickup to fit the space and work with with the factory switches etc.

Comes with a few papers on the trem system.

Cosmetic Condition:
Has some wear and tear but is in pretty reasonable shape considering the age and type of guitar. Various paint chips in several areas. Some paint checking, general signs of handling etc. Will still be a very presentable guitar once put together and looks more or less age correct.

Players Notes:
Should play well once a new pickup is installed. Neck is straight and frets are in solid shape with mild wear. Tremolo system looks to be complete. Jack is a neutrik, may have been upgraded. When purchased this guitar had a regular humbucker and was wired straight to volume so was not able to test the switches but they look like they should work.

Overall a nice start to a project. Looks like it could be as simple as finding one of those triple coil pickups and wiring it up. Everything appears to be all there and in working order.

Sold as is for light project