Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N2

$ 499.00

Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N2, B-stock, Made in China. A solid guitar with an interesting pattern on the headstock and a light flame on the outsides of the neck.  Very good condition, a little line at the heel (see photo), a B is stamped into the headstock and maybe a few very small impressions.
Pickups sound good and I really like the distinctive Washburn PU at the neck, the bridge is quite hot and super distortion-like. The licensed trem is not terrible, I’ve had worse fine tuners on LTD’s. The fine tuners are pretty smooth and large. I believe this may be a 2018-ish model due to the neck dots, but I am not sure so do your homework if you need to. Approx 7.56 lbs.

*Everyone’s preferences are different, You may have to perform a setup on this guitar to your specs.