Washburn N24 Padauk Satin (05/31)

$ 926.92

Nuno Bettencourt Series student model, “N24” series.
This is “N24 Padoauk” which is close to the texture of the Paduk model, which is familiar with the Nuno model!

Stephen’s Extended Cutaway, which boasts high playability at high frets, with excellent sustain and 22-fret scale, edgy and thick sound and attenuation even during intense choking. Following the high-end model “N4 Padoauk”, such as the Bill Lawrence L500 that suppresses the sound, and the control and layout that take into consideration the stage action and have the minimum control and layout of only the master volume and selector!

In order to keep costs down, the original N4 has an ebony fingerboard, but the rosewood is equipped with the Seymour Duncan ’59 model as the original front pickup. , This machine has achieved overwhelming cost performance by using Washburn original pickup and Agatis material that adopted Paduk color for the body!

Although it is a Nuno model, it is a legitimate pedigree model of the N series used by many famous artists as well as Nuno!

There are dents on the back of the neck and especially large dents around the jack. There are dents and scratches on the whole. The truss rod tightening direction margin is about half the remaining circumference. The current performance condition is good.

Truss rod: Tightening direction with some margin / Loosening direction with some margin
Neck condition: No problem
Fret: About 70% remaining
Case: Genuine hard case
Accessories : Arm

Serial number: IW16071140
Weight: 3.24?

Product rank: B

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