Washburn HM Series WI50V Idol Set Neck Single cut 2008

$ 419.99

I’m not ultra familiar with Washburn models. They seem to have a bunch of things that look the same with a bit of appointment swap outs. This is the situation with these HM series guitars. This is a very well built and hearty instrument. Single bound single cut carved top mahogany body and neck with a rosewood board, compass inlays, Floyd lic tremolo Randall UL and XL pickups. They are not currently but have the ability to be split/tapped with 4 leads if I am remembering correctly. Would be a super easy super nice mod. I believe there are 2 versions of this instrument a wi50v w original Floyd Duncan’s etc and wi50v import which I’m assuming this is. Nice thing is, body is the same, if you want to swap out the hardware and pickups you should be able to and stay way under the normal selling price of the other versions! No need though, this performs excellent and sounds fantastic. Some light wear here or there nothing horrible. No case, no trades

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