Washburn Dime Blackjack 1998 – Black

$ 5041.95

I’m selling this wonderful Washburn Dimebag 1998 Blackjack.Rare guitar we can call “METAL MACHINE” !!
R2 nut & neck profil ! Hyper slim neck and fast ! R2 = 42mm (check pic)

Few digs and straches. No breaking parts. Pups : EMG 81&85 (or 85&85 ..have to check)
Floyd Rose II 1st edition rare – no stringballs to cut, I can swap with OFR if needed..

USA black hardware, electronic and straplock, 
All upgrated like a Dime D3 by a luthier.
Sold as it with orignal hardshell, whammybar and straplock.
Thankx for reading \M//

[there are clouds by reflecting in the black paint…]

What you see is what you get ! \M//
Shipping with assurance only with UPS Standard.