Washburn D333 Dime Slime *Matching Headstock**Rare*

$ 3299.99

For sale is my Washburn D333 Dime Slime guitar. It has the matching slime headstock. Made in Korea 1995-2005 ish. The guitar is in good shape. No major damage or bare wood spots. It has some scuffs on the bottom shown in picture.

The guitar has been hot rodded with all new parts.
-German Floyd Rose, Seymour Duncan H59 neck pickup, Bill Lawrence XL500 bridge pickup, CTS 500K pots, new input jack.

The guitar is not setup for standard tuning. Its setup for C# to jam all of Dimes heaviest riffs.

The case isn’t original. I believe it’s a Dean ML case that has had “Washburn” painted on it. Do not have the original case.