Washburn 1996 D3 Dimebag Slime USA – Green Slime

$ 14999.99

The real deal Dimebag USA Slime in near mint condition. No dings and barely played. DIMEBAG DARREL in amazing condition. He rocked with this amazing sounding and playing axe. Now you can too! It’s come to my attention that there is no Buzz Feiton on the back of the headstock and really I have no idea why! It’s very clear this is an original USA Dime as the paperwork and the guitar build is plain to see. On top of it all I knew the guy who bought it new! I’ll do more research but this the real deal. Bye for now. Hello again. This beast is a one of a kind Custom Shop. I posted the pic of the original warranty with date model etc. Also I will post the pics of the untouched electronics. The cowboys will ride this beast to hell and back! I may keep this for myself for a bit. Rock On. The evidence is irrefutable! I was the first one to take the screws out of the control plates. I’ll leave all the magic dust in the cavities untouched. One of a kind DIME just like Dimebag Darrell.