Vintage Washburn Eagle Electric Guitar

$ 1000.00

The Eagle was the top of the Wing Series of electric guitars in 79 to 83. They were made in Japan at Yamaki or Matsumoku.

This one was the top of the Eagle line with the Rosewood top and a blonde ash body.

5 piece rosewood and mapleneck. Neck through construction with a brass nut and inlaid brass fret markers.

String through the body fixed bridge with brass saddles.

Humbuckers, a three way switch, and Push/Pull coil splitting in the volume control.

There is a circuit board with a cover in the electrics cavity, I don’t specifically know what it does.

The sum of the neck through, string through, brass saddles and nut, and electronics is this really sounds good and strong with lots of sustain.

The downside is these guitars are heavy. 9 to 10 lb range. Explains why they didn’t show up much on tours but were used in a lot of studios.

Original Washburn case, also heavy.