WW II Era Rickenbacker Electro Lap Steel Panda (Black and White)

$ 1399.00

A WW II era Rickenbacker Electro Lap Steel in Panda (Black and White) finish.

These Electro Lap Steels are nearly impossible to date to a specific year, but this guitar has features consistent with wartime production.  Note the T headstock overlay stating “Rickenbacher” rather than “Rickenbacker.”  This guitar also has the preferred wider pickup (1 1/2″), tone and volume knobs, patent number imprinted on bridge, and frets outlined in white.  Please call for more details or for an in-hand description.


Original Tuners (with Five Replaced Buttons)

Bakelite Nut

22.5″ Scale Length

23 Frets

Horseshoe Pickup with Sprague Cap (Frozen Tone Pot)

Bakelite and Aluminum Tailpiece

Original Tweed Pattern Hard Shell Case

Weight 9 pounds

No Serial Number