Superb Mint 2017 Rickenbacker 330 in Gorgeous Fireglo OHSC (701)

$ 2349.00


Master Crafted 2017 Rickenbacker 330 in Stunningly Beautiful Fireglo with original hard shell case and case candy! Mint playing condition and mint cosmetic condition!

Incredible sound meets fine art. This Rickenbacker represents the best of many worlds. Made for the modern player with crystal clear pickups that deliver Rickenbacker’s classic jangle heard in all the classic 60’s and 70’s recordings. Great feel. To die for sound. Museum quality art. Vintage old school sound delivered by a fine instrument made for this century. This specific guitar is a stunner in every sense and decidedly world class.

This Rickenbacker out Rickenbackers the finest Rickenbacker from any decade. It sizzles, from the Beatles, Byrds, The Who, Led Zepplin, REM, to the Blues, Jazz, or Country. This awesome ax is stage ready and will shine and impress in any situation.

Naturally Aged For Exquisite Tone Production: This masterpiece guitar was aged with a painstaking natural process called “time” ensuring a superb unsurpassed quality of tonal options.