Rickenbacker Electro B8 8 String Lap Steel Guitar Rickenbacher 40s 50s – Bakelite

$ 2990.00

This is an 8 String Rickenbacher Lap steel in great shape. Sorry, the strings were old and I pulled them and then my employee started taking photos. I have put on a new set of strings but I am closing at the moment so more to come. It sounds awesome and everything works great. All original as far as I can tell, I pulled the electronics cover and the input jack and pots look original. No scratch pots. One tuner is bent a little but still works great, I will try and address that tomorrow. It came in an old chipboard case, don’t know if that’s original or not. It is very hard to find the 8 string models like this one. I searched all over and couldn’t find another one for sale so I will be throwing out a price by guessing. Stay posted for more. Im outta here.