Rickenbacker 660 2010 Maple GLO

$ 2675.00

Rickenbacker 660/6
As Sweet as they come!
This 2010 Ric is not only gorgeous
It’s a masterpiece of playability too.
This is one of the the top 3 Rics I’ve ever had in my little shop-
Everything about this one is A

This 660 has a wicked flame on the front and the back is equally beautiful.
This Axe has been professionally set up by a professional luthier at Sylvans music in Santa Cruz. This is set up as a players axes and the tuners were upgraded with Klusons
This give the over all tuning stability and edge over the stock tuners found on most 660’s.
The Kluson tuners fit like a glove and are locking 18:1 Revolutions with custom ordered butter beans .
**** This guitar stays and plays in perfect tune and the tone is on point.
The 660 is my personal favorite- I have 3 myself.
This one is a players dream and is In mint condition. For a 2010
It’s immaculate!

I can’t say enough good things about this 660 – I can only quote Pete Townsend of The Who… He said that Rickenbacker is the Stradivarius of electric guitars_and this Ric maple GLO
speaks for itself – The craftsman ship of these are stunning and this one has a unique Flame that is super cool- This may very well be the lowest priced 660 on the net in its class and come with a shop return policy as well- * shop details are posted –
Comes with all the case candy,
Luthier receipt for set up and tuner install- ( No mods were needed work- the kluson (nc) revolution tuners were a natural fit)
Original HSC included – with all the case candy.
Original tuners can be put back in if you’d prefer that –

This is a beauty – In many ways this one is nicer than any new one for the set up and absolutely beautiful action sound and playability


S..A LaFayette