Rickenbacker 660-12 Tom Petty Signature-I Only Do Excellence- 1991

$ 9500.00

I ponder, as I always do. Sometimes, I ponder on the origins of the many
instruments I purchase. You know, kinda like that guy Josh Gates does on
that show “Expedition Unknown.” You know the byline, right? Josh
Gates braves raging rivers and the dangers of the Colombian jungle as he
continues his hunt for the treasures of El Dorado.

Does he find
the treasure? Not hardly, but none the least. The show is informative
and, dare I say, educational. Good family fun. Flash forward to my
tremulous travels deep in the valley of cotton. Of course, my friends, I

swam Cape Fear (You know, the river in that movie with Robert Mitchum)
accompanied by my dog and a Cherokee called Ned, in my continuum to
bring you the finest Americana 12 string instruments known to man. (That

shit sounds dramatic doesn’t it?)

On this expedition, I
evidence that is truly worthy of presentation to you, my bosses, of
course. The documentation of corroboration is right here for all to
examine. Yes people, the Zapruder film, if you will. This guitar hails
from Durham N.C and lye in state, undisturbed and dormant
since 1991. “What are you saying, Lee? Do you mean this was

new in the box somewhere?” That’s exactly what I’m saying. The owner was
indeed a Rickenbacker dealer and just bought this and slid it to the
side. A time capsule, if you will. Since his untimely death, there was
only one dealer allowed in the hallowed grounds of the since closed
music mecca. That dealer wasn’t me, but I am in the good graces of said
dealer in question.

about this guitar.

This is undoubtedly the
cleanest example you’ll ever
find. Do I need to go on about the features? “No, so overplayed.” Do we
not know them by heart by now? How about the artist? Should I make the
comparison that we are both southern? “Boring.” Yeah, you got a point
there. How about the
probability of making a YouTube video? You know, like
“Ridiculous Reverb Listings.” “Yeah, Yeah, let’s do that.” Oh, I know, how about the ire of the
online community and on how reprehensible the price is? Sure, why not. If you know me,
then you know I’ve faced that down before. Gonna take Christie Brinkley
to dinner, are we? Well, you won’t be taking her for a cheap steak. Why?
Quality friend. Yes, that little intangible that’s remembered after the
price is forgotten.

Simply put. I’m
offering you (in my humble opinion) the world’s best. People find out
what the world already knows. I only do excellence. Is there really any other