Rickenbacker 660/12 PRO-SHOP ‘670 Triple’ ’23 Guitar PRO-PLAYER S-Hoffs Array

$ 3975.00

***Make an Offer…..We want to MOVE this inventory***    This is a Trademark Classics Special Edition….A beautiful Ric 660/12, purchased NEW for this Custom-Shop conversion, now our “670 Triple” 12 string Rickenbacker with an added Ric Toaster pickup in the center position, and full Ric tonal blending….. in the classic “Susanna Hoffs” configuration, with the HB-1 in the bridge position. This one is a 2023, UN-Played, in classic Fireglo … LOOK at the photos (if you see reflections, they’re from a ribbed ceiling and crystal chandelier) FRESH from our Custom Shop. The trusses have been leveled, and the frets are mirror polished (6 stage) for smooth and easy action…. shaved nut and bridge adjust has made this 12 string finger easy like a 6 string…(also has the 12 saddle bridge)..If you hate having to use too much finger pressure, this guitar is for you....and it has the WIDE 1-3/4 nut (like the 1993 Plus models) for nice finger room, unlike so many other Ric 12’s…..amazing sound. You can read a full review of this Trademark Classics Custom Shop model at the ‘Chasing Guitars’ site. A beautiful guitar, like the “Tom Petty” model, but with the Susanna Hoffs pickup array, and in the most desirable color.
This 3 pickup model is a special edition at our Custom Shop, only a few per/year are produced, and it comes with a signed and serialed COA from the shop. A simply amazing, easy fingering 12 string (you can play chords ABOVE the octave…and EASILY), ready to PLAY and ENJOY right out of the case. Original Ric Case, polishing cloth (sealed), key and bridge wrench…..BETTER THAN NEW playability. You cannot buy an “off the shelf” Ric that fingers as easy as this model…..doesn’t exist….a TRUE Pro-Shop guitar.  ONE Day handling, and flat shipping to the 48 States…..and be SAFE out there.