Rickenbacker 660/12 “Color of the Year” 2005 Blue Burst

$ 2570.91

Rickenbacker 660/12 Blueburst.

Chances are that if you are looking at this you know how rarely these guitars become available. The 660/12 is the pinnacle of the 600 series and for those who have tried Rickenbackers before and found the neck a little on the narrow side, the wider 1 ¾ inch neck width at nut on this instrument makes all the difference and is only available on an extremely limited range of Rickenbacker models. Vintage scatter-wound Toaster pickups, combined with the 12 string layout gives this instrument that unmistakable Rickenbacker chime. Impeccable build quality that you would expect from Rickenbacker. Gorgeous checker binding and crushed pearl triangular fret markers, combined with the rare blueburst flame really sets this instrument apart.

A word about the colour – Blueburst was the colour of the year for 2005. (BBR COY in Rickenbacker speak). This guitar was built in 2008 and purchased new by me the same year. Given that the order had to be placed in 2005 to secure this colour, this indicates a 3 year waiting list between order and build. These lengthy wait times are not untypical for Rickenbacker where demand exceeds supply.

This instrument has had only light use and is in overall excellent condition. In the interests of clarity, there are a couple of minor marks on the back which can only be seen under a strong light. I tried to show this on a close-up photo but the marks didn’t show. The original hard case has some marking and scuffs commensurate with age. This guitar is so seldom used, and I have a Strat that I don’t mind getting bashed about, so it’s time for someone else to have the enjoyment of this Rickenbacker.