Rickenbacker 620 Midnaght Blue (05/24)

$ 1502.10

Rickenbacker’s model 620, which has a unique Liverpool sound and is still handmade.
A maple body with a binding border on the outer circumference, a maple through neck, and a rose fingerboard. Equipped with 2 high gain PUs and an impressive R tailpiece.
Unlike the hollow body such as 330, the solid structure 620.
The warm and tasty sound is widely accepted not only by Beatles fans but also by rock musicians, and it is a model with many enthusiasts both in Japan and abroad.
Unlike the hollow body such as 330, it has a solid structure, so it has characteristics that are easy to handle even with a slightly fuzzy sound.
A model full of universal charm as a rock icon, such as being quoted in a song by a certain artist.
A model with a unique Liverpool sound played from a medium scale.
The compact body is perfect for vocal guitar players!

The jack has been replaced.
You can see the feeling of use such as small scratches and dents.

Product rank: B (good product)

Year of manufacture: 2008
Truss rod: With room
Fret: 60-70%
Accessories: Hard case / Genuine
Country of origin: USA
Weight: 3.44kg
Serial: 08 12505

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