Rickenbacker 620 2012 – Present – Jetglo

$ 1550.00

Up for sale is a stunning Rickenbacker 620. This solid-body beauty has all the chime and ring of Rickenbacker’s semi-hollows and benefits greatly from its small body higher fret access thanks to the iconic “cresting wave” contours.

All electronics function perfectly and sound great. High gain pickups get the classic Rickenbacker 60s chime, but when pushed can carry harder rock or blues incredibly well. Guitar is in fantastic cosmetic shape. Original “R buckle” tailpiece was swapped out for a trapeze-style (the same as on Tom Perry’s on Damn the Torpedoes cover). This vastly improved restringing/intonation/tuning stability, but I will still include the original tailpiece in the case for buyer to choose which is preferred. There is a small blemish at the base in the nook of the tailpiece that appears to be a factory defect (I attempted to photograph, but it’s so small/difficult to detect that it doesn’t really show up). There is also a tiny chip on the bottom side beneath the tailpiece, smaller than a grain of rice and not in any risk of getting larger. Photo shows this. Nothing that affects playability or is noticeable unless you‘re examining closely, but want to mention these for transparency.

I am the first owner; purchased new from Pittsburg Guitar in 2021. Never gigged with, and never left my smoke-free, pet-free humidity-controlled home. I love this guitar but am at a point in life where I need to downsize my massive collection. Will ship in original hard shell case with all candy and original tailpiece. Continental US only; no trade offers please. Will ship quickly and carefully upon receipt of transaction. Please ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer!