Rickenbacker 620/12 2004 – Midnight Blue

$ 2830.62

Beautiful Ricky 620/12 Deep Midnight Blue guitar.

Don’t know much about Rickenbackers at all, as I just got this from a friend.

The 620 model has a slightly thinner neck which makes it way easier to play than other electric 12 string models. It is in really good condition for being 20 years old.

A couple of scratches on the back, and 2 chips as shown in the pics.

Comes with the original, excellent condition case and all the case candy.

As for shipping: $200 flat across Canada and of course will sell to the USA and will make sure the guitar is packed well (as per Reverb’s advice) and get the best quotes for shipping to you and you pay actual, not marked up.

As per Rickenbacker guitar serial number decoder:

Results for serial number# 0435890

This Rickenbacker guitar was made in 2004 (week 35)