Rickenbacker 450 1966 – Fireglo

$ 2500.00

This is the oldest guitar I own: 1966 Fireglo Rickenbacker 450 (6 string not 12 string! Reverb added 12 string as a subcategory and it’s not letting me change it to 6 string!) with Vintage Pickups and Vintage Knobs. It also has a gold trussrod cover and a gold pickguard. Note that this guitar has battle scars but I think they look cool – see photo. This is a super lightweight guitar with a comfortable contoured body that delivers loads of jangle. Comes with original silver vintage hardshell case. Note that I believe the pickguard and truss rod cover are replacement parts as they’re in excellent shape and this guitar is pretty danged old. Shipping to continental US only please. Please see my other Rickenbackers and British Invasion equipment currently for sale on Reverb.