Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Guitar / Bass 1975 – 1985 – Ruby

$ 21000.00

Up for reluctant sale is my 1983 Rickenbacker 4080/6 in Rubyglo. This is the 4-string bass, 6-string guitar variant of the 4080 which I believe there are only around 200 in existence. The Burgundy color is additionally quite rare as the majority of the 4080s that (rarely) come up for sale are in Jetglo, White, Fireglo, or Mapleglo.

Overall the Bass/Guitar/Doubleneck/Thing is in very good shape considering its age. It’s all original and the only real spots of wear are limited to smallish spot of buckle rash on the back as well as finish checking throughout the body and the ends of the fretboards. Electronics are in good working order with there only being a small issue with the toggle switch between the guitar and bass neck being a little finicky on the guitar side but should be an easy clean by a tech. Comes with the original hardshell case (it weighs a ton).

It’s honestly a fantastic instrument and sounds and plays every bit as good as I hoped since middle school it would. Perfect for living out your Geddy Lee fantasies!

I’m more than willing to talk more about the instrument and provide further details and photos to those who are interested.

I’m asking $21k OBO with a very strong preference for an in-person transaction due to size, weight, and value. The price is high, but there are tax implications on Reverb that need to be taken into account as well. I’m based in NYC, but open to traveling throughout the greater Northeast to make something work – between DC and Portland more or less. Shipping would be possible for somebody who is extremely interested, but it will likely be extremely expensive – message me if you want to work something out.