Rickenbacker 370/12 RM Roger McGuinn Limited Edition 1988 Fireglo

$ 8252.05

Rickenbacker 370/12 RM Roger McGuinn Limited Edition

This is the fireglo version of this well known limited edition model, built in 1988.
The fireglo is absolutely gorgeous on this guitar.
Because it’s beauty is so hard to put into words I provided lots of pictures in different lighting conditions. 
The guitar is in very good overall condition; all little dings and finish cracks are documented in the pictures. None of them are to be considered not normal or troublesome.
A real valuable plus on this guitar is that the action is fairly low and still the bridge is set up fairly high. 
If you’re into vintage Rickenbacker guitars you know that that’s a very very good sign of a healthy and stable neck/body joint. 
If you have no clue why this is such good news, in short: it will save you a costly neck reset. 
Electronics are in excellent shape, pickups are original, onboard compressor and treble booster work as intended. 
The neck is completely straight and with the 12 saddle bridge the guitar intonates fine even above the 12th fret. 
It plays very well, string spacing is not as cramped as on some other Rickenbacker 12-string guitars. 
The guitar comes with it’s original case, which it hasn’t left much in it’s life sadly enough. 
Certificate and manual are provided with the guitar. 

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If you need more pictures let me know, I’ll provide them if possible Reverb only allows 25.