Rickenbacker 365 1967 Mapleglo

$ 4980.00

I wasn’t looking for a Rickenbacker 6-string when I walked into my local music store and saw this on the wall, but once it was in my hands, plugged into an old Fender amp, I was smitten.

Here’s the thing: I never liked those gooey, clear-coated Ricky necks. It always felt like I was playing something made out of plastic rather than wood. This fretboard, though, was bare and beautiful as a spring morning. The tone radiated off the strings and fill the room, even unplugged, and I felt the entire guitar humming along in my hands.

A little closer inspection revealed some backstory: it appears the neck was refretted at some point, and the owner elected to forgo any restorative clear coat. So here was a guitar—52 years old when I met her—that had been played enough to need a refret, but treated very well all along, and my hands were in love with her fretboard. It was a no-brainer.

There is some surface wear as shown in the pictures, but the guitar is in wonderful condition for its age and feels, plays and sounds as it should.

7 lbs, 1 oz
Ships in non-original RIC case (which is missing a foot but otherwise in great condition).
More pictures and/or in-hand description upon request