Rickenbacker 360WB 1988 – Fireglo

$ 3900.00

For Sale: A Rickenbacker from March 1988 – The 360WB in Dazzling Fireglo

Once upon a not-so-distant 1988, in a world buzzing with hair bands and cassette tapes, a certain Rickenbacker 360WB sprang to life. Bathed in the sizzle of Fireglo, this guitar didn’t just play tunes—it told tales, danced jigs, and whispered secrets of moonlit serenades.

A Peek into Its Diary:

  • Aging Like Fine Wine: With the passing suns and moons, this Rickenbacker has grown gracefully. It sits proudly, its state a testament to adventures had and those still waiting in the wings.
  • Stringing Along: Oh, the tales it could tell about fingers dancing over its frets! It welcomes strummers and dreamers alike, singing and swinging with the best of them.
  • Wrinkles and All: Adorning its fiery Fireglo attire are the subtle badges of time—a tad bit of finish checking (mostly between the pickups, see the angled photo). But hey, don’t all the best stories come with a little character?
  • Gentle Hugs and Whispers: Here and there, you’ll spot twirls and soft scuffs—the echoes of late-night jams and that one time it tried to moonwalk (okay, not really, but wouldn’t that be something?).

It’s not just a guitar—it’s a daydream waiting to happen. It’s been to parties, seen love songs written, and maybe even been serenaded by a lovestruck cat or two. Now, it’s on the lookout for its next whimsical adventure. Care to join the story?


Let’s Make it a Smooth Experience:
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Canceled During Pickup

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General Terms

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In the rare case of a canceled pickup, there is no financial exchange to refund. The transaction is only finalized when both parties are satisfied.