Rickenbacker 360W Guitar 2016

$ 1898.99

I am the third owner. Pretty sure the first two hardly played it. Comes with factory case and case candy. I bought a spare pickguard for considering a Tele style control setup. Compared to other Ws, I believe the wood grain on this one is exceptional!

It is what a Rickenbacker is. I have always been a humbucker / PAF guy. Moving and trying to consolidate my collection and I was debating between this and a 335 style guitar. The 335 barely beat out. This guitar plays great and sounds awesome too. Lightweight – just an ounce or two over 7 lbs.

If shipping is lower – I will refund the difference. If it is more – I will eat it. Shipping costs have gotten insane.

Note: some pics have the bridge cover off as I tend to palm mute when I play.