Rickenbacker 3606 The True Spirit of the Radio! Color of the Year. 2003 Montezuma Brown

$ 3495.00

Years ago, an “elder” in the guitar business told me that you could determine a guitar’s spirit by the simple strum of a single chord.  For me and this 360, it was an open D and the bond was nicely set, very much like the feeling when a new puppy bounds across the room and into your arms for the first time. A little cheezy? Maybe, but the satisfaction of playing a well-crafted American guitar cannot be overstated in these tumultuous times.  Call it comfort food for some and a downright “hell yeah” for others.

This particular Ricky is well-balanced and in incredible condition. Freshly strung with a new set of D-Addario XL 10s, it rings out quite nicely and you can get your Tom Petty or Peter Buck on all day long. I know a lot of guitarists love their shred guitars plugged into a dozen or so TS-9s, but every once in a blue moon, it’s soothing to the soul (and ears) to just sit down and jingle jangle for a little while. Or, as my business partner likes to say, “the older I get, the lower I like it.” Well, friends, you can go as “low” as you want with this sweet girl and the cherry on top of the proverbial cake is the gorgeous Montezuma Brown color. Regal, classy, stately- you get the idea.

As to the condition, this one’s as clean as a newborn baby’s freshly wiped bottom. You may find a couple of angel hair surface scratches if you turn the guitar into the reflection of an overhead light, but you’ll have to work pretty hard at it. Both the guitar and case have been detailed and will arrive ready to go, so as always, thank you for stopping by and please call, email or PM with any questions.  International buyers, please email for an accurate shipping quote.