Rickenbacker 360 Maple Glo (05/31)

$ 2157.72

Introduced in the heyday of the British sound of the 1960s, the # 360 broke all traditional styles. This deluxe body, which has been gradually improved over the years but has been contoured throughout, still outperforms any guitar. The cell-edged body and cell-wrapped rosewood fingerboard with triangular position marks give it a very attractive look. Stereo output is standard.

Made in 2009. There is a strong life odor in the case. There are many scratches and dents, but the playing condition is good.

Truss rod: There is room for tightening / No room for loosening
Neck condition: No problem
Fret: 60-7%
Case: Genuine hard case
Accessories: Bridge cover, wrench, etc.

Serial number: 09-12522
Weight: 3.39kg

Product rank: B

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