Rickenbacker 360 2001 Jetglo

$ 2495.00

This is a 2001 Rickenbacker 360 with a Jetglo finish. This 6 string model is often considered Rickenbacker’s most recognizable guitar and is highly regarded for its articulate, chimey sound. Made famous by our favorite British invaders and countless others, the 360 has secured a comfy place in the story of rock music – and for great reason.

This one is in great condition with only the lightest wear here and there and some common paint flaking near its neck pocket. The back of its body is bound, as well as its neck, which is also adorned with triangle inlays. This is a great Rick – it plays super easily and sounds incredible!

It has been professionally setup and comes with its original hard shell case.

Please feel free to ask any questions or call us for an in-hand description.