Rickenbacker 360/12c63 2021 Fireglo – Never Retailed You Will Be The 1st Owner – NOS

$ 3649.00

When considering any purchase, know exactly who you are dealing with. Please read our ‘about us’ page.

Internal reference #SSK-681

We bought a pile of never retailed, NOS Rickenbacker gear from an authorized source. We ARE NOT authorized dealers so we cannot call this brand new and cannot offer a warranty. You WILL BE the first end user and in most cases the first person to put their mitts on the guitar. OHSC, all tags, in the original shipping carton. 

 The guitar is perfect except for the finish flaw behind the D tuner (see pic) – Basically the screw was over tightened at the factory.  This occurs often but we tell you about it.  Its small and no one will know but you.