Rickenbacker 360/12 ULTRA RARE Fireglo with Black Trim and Hardware

$ 3000.00

Well, you don’t see black trim on Fireglo very often and this one is a killer 360 12-string to boot.

1995 Rickenbacker 360/12 “BH BT” in Fireglo

Comes equipped with a black matching Winfield trapeze tailpiece; the original R tailpiece is near the end of its life and will be included with the guitar for the sake of having the original parts around. Nice, low action and recently setup. It holds tuning well and gets every bit of that jingle jangle sound you desire. The guitar is not perfect, it has a handful of little scratches or dings which I’ve tried to capture in the photos. There is a spot near the tailpiece where you can tell the old tailpiece rested on the finish, purely cosmetic but worthwhile mentioning.

Guitar comes with a hard case and the original tailpiece as shown in photos. I pack well and use UPS Ground.