2011 Rickenbacker 360/12 Fireglo

$ 2599.00

Quick rundown:
• This 2011 model was upgraded by reputable Nashville guitar tech to vintage correctness: 250K volume pots, 500K tones/blend, in-line 0.0047 chicklet cap to the bridge pickup. These upgrades make the guitar sound like a ‘60s jangle machine. Hard to nail the Beatles/Byrds sound without these upgrades.


• Original pots included (for those who want it stock)

• Rick-o-sound stereo jack

Condition deep-dive (all perfectly normal for 11-year-old guitar):
• Vibrant Fireglo finish, darker red than I’ve seen on others
• Some swirls and light scratching on the finish
• Metal hardware excellent
• Very little fret wear
• The headstock has a couple minor scuffs
• The top of the string slots has been slightly scratched by winding strings
• Imperfection (dark spot) in wood beneath the finish on treble-side waist
• Ever slight finish cracking on the bass side of the nut
• Binding on some upper frets show slight finish cracks
• Will send detailed pics if needed