Rickenbacker 360/12 1967 Fireglo

$ 6500.00

Here’s a really nice 1967 Rickenbacker 360/12 model in excellent condition.
This guitar is all-original with the exception of the truss rod cover-which is from another Rickenbacker guitar.
No breaks, cracks or repairs. It is set up and ready to go-needs nothing.
The guitar features a set-neck design and the guitar is solid with no creaks or rattles.
The neck joint is solid with excellent fitment. The heel of the neck has a knot or dark grain figuring on the inside edge-it is part of the wood-not a repair or anything-see photos The body is very clean-and the finish shines almost near new condition. There is some real nice figuring in the wood grain-see photos. The back of the body is just as clean and the checkerboard binding is in great condition. The neck is smooth and straight. The tuners all function as they should-and the guitar stays in tune well. The string height is set low for a fast and easy playing action. The frets are clean with lots of life. This guitar features the iconic 60’s Rickenbacker triangle position markers with real crushed pearl shell. The clear coat over the fingerboard displays some checking. The guitar plays super easy with no dead spots. The original “toaster” pickups kick out the chime like only a Rickenbacker can. Both pickups function strong and balanced. The controls turn smoothly and quietly. The bridge and tail piece are in very nice condition as well.
This guitar is pretty lightweight ( 7.63 lbs.) so it’s a lot of fun to play. This model was used by Pete Townshend, Tom Petty, The Edge, Peter Buck, George Harrison in some band called the Beatles and many others. This guitar has just been professionally set up and is ready to go
Guitar comes complete with original silver case with the blue poodle lining.

You know what to do!
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