Rickenbacker 360/12 12 string 2007 Jet Glo

$ 3118.94

Stock code #5983 – Rickenbacker 360/12 – Used – 2007 – Jetglo
The sound of an electric 12 string is pretty distinctive – Whilst the first song ever played on Radio 1, (Roy Wood – Move – Flowers in the Rain ) was played on a Fender 12 string, with the hockey stick headstock, it is generally accepted that the sound of an electric 12 string is defined by a Rickenbacker 12 String – Famous players include George Harrison, Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty and for that reason alone, there has always been strong interest in potential buyers looking for a Ricky 12 string – So how does this used, Rickenbacker 360/12, from 2007, with a jetglo finish grab you – The price includes the deluxe and original fibre Rickenbacker oblong case, as well as the appropriate manual – All original – Weighs 7lbs and 15oz – Neck measures .917″ around the top nut end, then gently fattens out to .957″ around the 12th fret – Re-strung with a set of 9-46 gauge Ernie Ball strings and set-up with a nice slinky action – Condition wise, this 360/12 will probably appeal more to a player, rather than a collector, who might be looking for an exceptionally clean case queen  – Whilst there is little in the way of any dings, or nicks, to the nitro gloss finish, you’ll certainly find some slight surface compression marks, but nothing nasty – But for whatever reason, you’ll find some lacquer checking to the finish on the body, both front and back – No fret wear – I’m not sure what else I need to tell you about a 360/12 that you either don’t know, or have not heard before via any vinyl, CD, radio or play list – Maybe one final note that some know about and others don’t – If you ever get bored on a 12 string, or find it a bit one dimensional and require a Ricky 6 string – Then simply remove the octave strings and it instantly becomes the same as a 360 6 string – Same size top nut, fingerboard width, tailpiece and bridge – So in a way two guitars in one, as required  – Whilst the 360/12 allows you to operate it in a stereo format, with each pick-up available to be plugged into two seperate amps, I’m not sure any, or many, do so – So just like any other guitar, use it in mono as required    
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