Rickenbacker 350-V63-Said the Joker to the Thief-Fireglo-2013

$ 3795.00

Just rummaging around Facebook the other day (you know, looking for potential deals), nestled between “proper use of pronouns” and “toxicity and gym culture,” there it was, the treasure of the Sierra Madre. Finding gold in my business looks a lot like what you are looking at.

Without hesitation, a call was placed, and a locale was chosen. You know, the ole’ (“I’ll meet you at such and such, and drive fill in the blank.”) Why? Because urgency and despair are not becoming. No gear to sell creates urgency, and stomach rumblings equate to despair, and nobody likes despair,” said the Joker to the Thief. What do we love people? Prosperity and a nice Rickenbacker. It’s a known fact, that if you’re looking for that jangle pop chime of the Byrds and the Beatles, nothing gets you there faster than a Rickenbacker. Now, let’s see what the kids say. (Well, kids my age.)

“This guitar is awesome just to look at. The tiny little body, the three pickups, and all the signature Rickenbacker quirks (5 knobs, tiered pickguard, etc.) just make this a unique piece, if you ask me. But then, when you play it, that’s where the stars align. Great cleans with a clear voice, and you can push a Ric a lot harder than their reputation would suggest.”

Stars align? Naturally. “Lee, tell me about this guitar already.” Well, let’s start with the condition. “Exceptional.” Swag? Of course. Three toaster tops and the Rickenbacker accent vibrato? “But, wait, you’re advertising this as a 350.” The vibrato is a replacement tailpiece. The original one is in the case and moving along now. Weight: 6 lbs. and 8 oz., and as always, this guitar has a fresh set-up and comes with the original hard shell case to complete your inflight experience.

What did we discuss? Rummaging through Facebook. Stomach rumblings and finding treasures. Beautiful Rickenbackers and pronouns. Do we still call this a guitar? Could be a bass saxophone. How’s that, Jimi?

“There’s too much confusion.”
“I can’t get no relief.”

When up is down and down is up, you can still play whatever this is.