Rickenbacker 330 – NOS, Never Retailed, You will be the 1st owner 2024 – Jetglo

$ 1895.00

When considering any purchase, know exactly who you are dealing with. Please read our ‘about us’ page.

We bought a pile of never retailed, NOS Rickenbacker gear from an authorized source. We ARE NOT authorized dealers so we cannot call this brand new and cannot offer a warranty. You WILL BE the first end user and in most cases the first person to put their mitts on the guitar. OHSC, all tags, in the original shipping carton. 7.3 LBS

Most of the time when you buy a guitar or bass from a store and it’s ‘in the box’, the axe is looked at, made sure it was in 1 piece and put back. EVERY item sold by us has a thorough inspection and a complete set up. If the strings are stale they are replaced. If batteries are near exp date – they are changed. That is the Kebo’s advantage.