Rickenbacker 330 – Modded

$ 2000.00

In wonderful condition. Couldn’t find any dings/scratches except a couple spots on the back that are too small/imperceptible to photograph, only gigged with it once or twice, but mostly played/recorded at home.

I bought this used last year, the previous owner had installed Hipshot locking tuners and a Mastery bridge (both fantastic). I installed a harp tailpiece (easier to restring) and new pickups – a Creamery Mid 63 in the neck and a Creamery Hi Gain 68 in the bridge, both hum-cancelling models. Dead silent, beautiful tone. Bite, jangle, chime, etc.

Included is the hardshell case, original hi gain pickups, and original R tailpiece should you want to revert the mods I did. I love this guitar and it’s an absolute joy to play, but I’ve never been able to fully connect with hollow or semi-hollow body guitars in general, so I’m hoping someone else will use this more than I have.