Rickenbacker 330 mid-90s

$ 3000.00

Hand Painted Replica of Paul Wellers Roy Lichtenstein pop art graphic on a beautiful Rickenbacker 330.   

The beautiful WHAAM! Rickenbacker 330 Special Edition which was completely hand painted, clear coated, and customized in the Burger Guitars shop (typically takes a month). Note the attention to details like the added Gibson humbucker (just like the Weller original) and custom made clear pickguard (just like the original). This guitar also features the correct colors as the original and is the closest one to the original ever offered. This guitar makes all sorts of incredible sounds with the Gibson humbucker in the neck position and the Rickenbacker treble in the bridge position (check out a video of a Whaam guitar being played on the Burgerguitars site).  I have done 1000’s of guitars for famous musicians, collectors, museums, Vegas and Broadway shows, and all sorts of players. 

About the artist: Robbie Burger is a multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter and guitar painting artist in central Minnesota. You can download or check out his music on Sound Cloud or the Burgerguitars site. His art encompasses a diverse range of styles (both musically and visually). “Classic meets contemporary” has been quoted by several fans of his work. Let Robbie Burger create something special you will treasure always.