Rickenbacker 330 Jetglo (05/31)

$ 1794.62

Rickenbacker’s representative model 330!
The most popular 330 among Rickenbacker’s full-size semi-acoustic models, which are handmade and have a small distribution volume.

A unique sound hole design with a maple hollow body that produces a rich sound.
The maple set neck structure has an independent truss rod adjustment function on the treble and bass strings.

It features a dot position mark and an “R” tailpiece, and mounts a pickup with a moderate output that is easy to use regardless of genre. The pickup is adjusted by 2 volume / 2 tone control with a volume balancer between both PUs instead of the height adjustment method.
It is a model that sticks to Ricken’s unique style, such as a pickguard that dares to match the height.

The output is standard monaural, and the 24-fret fingerboard (10 “R) is completely exposed from the body, making it extremely playable. / 4 inch medium scale, not too thick and not too thin, adopts a neck shape with relatively few habits. It is also showing modern evolution such as the shape of the bracket. It is recommended to handle everything from the so-called “Liverpool sound” with reverb to the clear arpeggio, crisp cutting and lead sound with drive. It is one.

The neck has some twists and scratches, and there is a feeling of use of dents, but the playing condition is good.
Product rank: B
S / N: 15 21729
Truss rod margin: Loose cut
Fret remaining: About 70%

Case: Hard case
Weight: 3.43 kg

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