Rickenbacker 330 2009 – Mapleglo

$ 2524.08

Stock Code #5912 – Rickenbacker 330 – Mapleglo – Used/2009 – £1899

There is no doubt whatsoever the major influence that Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and Rickenbacker Guitars have made to popular music, for nearly 70 years – There is no shortage of guitars on the market place today, that have been influenced by the classic Strat, Tele, 335, Les Paul and SG models – Yet a Rickenbacker is still pretty much unique – In fact very little has changed about their classic 330 and 360 models, from introduction to today – They are distinctive in both how they look, feel and sound – They may never have been the best selling guitar in the history of popular music, yet they have always been part of it – So let me supply you with some info regarding this used Rickenbacker 330 , from 2009, with a mapleglo finish – The easy bit first is to mention the condition – A natural finish is probably the best finish for not ‘amplifying’ any slight/minor graze or blemish – A black finish always makes a minor graze look far worse  – This 14 year old 330 might not be quite worthy of earning that ‘as new, mint condition tag’ but it is in mighty fine fettle – The only subtle blemish is a tint of ‘green bleeding’ to the rear of the body – Even the pics don’t really pick it up – Certainly nothing nasty – No hint of any fret wear – Includes the deluxe Rickenbacker case – Despite the very clean condition I have still allowed the 330 to visit my work bench for a new set of 10-52 gauge strings and to check the set-up – I re-string most guitars with a regular 10-46 gauge strings, but in this instance I choose a 10-52 gauge, just to give a bit more meat to the lower strings, that allows you to really attack those power chords as required –  So yes it is already to go – For any weight watchers out there I can tell you that it clocks in at only 7lbs and 15oz – Neck measures .902″ around the top nut end and .955″ around the 12th fret, so a slim taper as it fattens further up the neck itself  – Not sure if I need to add any more – The Who, The Jam, The Beatles, The Byrds, Tom Petty and Rem, amongst others, have done and said it all for me

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