Rickenbacker 330 2006 Jetglo Black

$ 2199.99

This 2006 Rickenbacker 330 is a continuation of the company’s most well known line of guitars. This model carries a maple body construction, maple/walnut neck with dual truss rods for easy, specific adjustments, and a beautiful rosewood fretboard with conversion varnish, making this guitar smooth and nice to play. The pickups are Rickenbacker’s signature Hi-Gain single coil which can be manipulated with a fifth control knob. This knob allows for fine-tuning of tone and EQ, blending the two pickups together to get unique sounds characteristic of Tom Petty and many other iconic artists. This particular guitar is in almost mint condition besides a couple of chips on the headstock and on the edge of the body near the jack. The rear finish and headstock also have some smudges though these can likely be buffed out. Overall, there is nothing affecting the playability of the guitar, leaving it in excellent condition for whoever is looking for one of these much sought after Rickenbacker’s. Thanks for checking out our collection at AudioShine Studios and let us know if you have any questions!