Rickenbacker 330/12W Walnut 12-String Guitar

$ 1750.00

Rickenbacker 12 string Walnut 330 in excellent condition including original hard shell case.

The 330/12W offers the same full chorus of sounds distinctive to Rickenbackers, adding to it a natural touch for a solid look. Two single coil pickups on a full size body are accented by a traditionally shaped sound hole. The 24 fret Maple fingerboard is punctuated by dot inlay fret markers, with full double cutaways permitting access to all the frets. Standard output is monaural through a single jack plate.

Features – 
 * 24 and three quarter scale length
 * 2 single coil hi gain pick ups
 * slotted headstock
 * 41mm nut width dot inlay Maple neck
 * Single jack output
 * hard shell Rickenbacker case