Rickenbacker 330/12 Jetglo 1988

$ 2559.88

If you’re looking for that jingle jangle sound then this is the guitar for you!

I’m selling my 1988 Ricky 330/12. Very good condition, I am the second owner. Selling because I have another 330/12 from the sixties, so this one is surplus to my requirements.

The guitar is in really good condition, the first owner had it for ~30 years and I’ve had it for about five years. The only issue is that it fell off its stand once resulting in a scratch across the back and a tuner getting knocked out of position. This never affected the playability, and it was fixed up by a professional (not me!). The photos show the damage but the angle of the sun makes it look worse than it is … it’s purely cosmetic and not visible from the front of the guitar. And if I had the time or the inclination I could probably buff out the scratch.

The neck angle is good and there’s a decent break angle over the bridge with plenty of adjustment remaining, which is good since many Rics have neck set issues. Not this one 👍

Comes with its original case.