Rickenbacker 330/12 – 1989 – Fireglo

$ 2500.00

Great looking and sounding Rickenbacker guitar. It is in superb condition.

The finish is an almost flawless, striking example of “Fireglow”. The wood grain is beautiful. The guitar has never been gigged and it shows. The neck is straight and the setup is super comfortable.

The sound is amazing.

Front, back, sides, neck, no scars no damage. It’s an outstanding example of a classic instrument.

The guitar features a maple body, maple neck, original hardware, pickups, and electronics/wiring.

Bottom line, it’s an excellent looking and sounding guitar. It comes in the original case that has both keys, the adjustment wrench that came with it as well as the original Rickenbacker polishing cloth.

If you are looking for a Rickenbacker, this one will not disappoint. Classic look, iconic sound, excellent feel and manufactured in a great era for Rickenbackers.