Rickenbacker 325/12 V63 JG 1999 – Jetglo

$ 4422.01


This is a small electric guitar that revived a great tradition. As everyone knows, John Lennon played a Rickenbacker 325 from 1958, which he bought in Hamburg in 1960, until the late 1960s. This guitar had some unusual features such as the short 3/4 scale length of 527 mm and three toaster pickups. With this guitar, Lennon shaped the sound of an entire Beatles era.

When the Beatles toured the USA in 1964, Lennon ordered a 12-string version of his favorite guitar. It was intended to serve as a backup guitar, but sometimes, albeit very rarely, he used it live – see photos. The 325/12 never went into series production, it was a one-off.

Rickenbacker reissued exact replicas of the 325/12 in 1985/86 and 1999, now under 325/12V63, in small runs. And this is one of those rare models!

Serial-#: 9952985

Year of manufacture: 12/1999

Scale length: 20,75“; 527 mm

Pickups: 3x Toaster (Singlecoils)

Color: Jet Glo

Weight: 2,95 kg

The 325/12V63 offered here is one of only two examples that were officially delivered to Germany at the time, making it ultra-rare and of course more than interesting for Rickenbacker and Beatles fans. It comes from a collection and has never been played live. It has no defects or flaws, the frets show no signs of play, and the entire electrical system works perfectly. It is perfectly set up, is very comfortable to play, and sounds like a Rickenbacker 12-string – incomparable. N.O.S. – New Old Stock!

The 325/12V63 comes in its original silver Rickenbacker case with the protective foil still on the nameplate.

Photo credit of the Lennon photos: Andy Babiuk – Beatles Gear.