Rickenbacker 1998 Rose Morris 1964 – Fireglow

$ 11684.96

For sale a very rare Rickenbacker 1998 Rose Morris made in 1964 with original hard shell case. The guitar is in excellent condition considering it’s 58 years old.

No neck break or any major repairs, please check the close up pictures. The paintwork is very good. Just a few minor blemishes, as pictured.

Original features:

Paintwork, pickups, accent tailpiece (see ‘pat pend’ logo), machine heads. Original lower scratch plate is pictured in case. Bridge.

Replacement parts:

Upper and lower scratch plates on front panel currently fitted to guitar. Comb piece (where strings are attached at rear). Bridge cover.

It was set up and the wiring checked around 2 years ago. Works perfectly and sounds as a 3 pickup Ricky should. No major wear or dings (2 photos demonstrate this). Frets and fingerboard in very good condition (Please see photos). The serial number of DH134 (on the jack plug) dates this guitar to August 1964. One of around only 200 Rose Morris imports that year.

Any inspection welcome in Manchester UK. Please feel free to ask any questions. No ridiculous offers please, but I am open to realistic ones. This is a wonderful very rare vintage guitar that has been looked after and cared for hugely.

It plays fabulously with excellent intonation, holds tuning better than any other guitar I own with a lowish action. No fret buzzing. Plenty of wear left in the frets too.

The orginal hard shell case has had 2 replacement clasps on it, has quite a bit of wear and tear and needs a couple of towels to stop the guitar from rattling around. However, it is exactly as would be expected for it’s age.

I am willing to ship internationally but collection, insurance and payment must be arranged by the buyer.