Rickenbacker 1993Plus 12 String 2017 Fireglo *Performance Mods*

$ 2900.00


The neck and body are structurally in Excellent condition, the varnish-free Chechen fretboard is smooth and well-conditioned, the stainless steel frets have been PLEK® processed, and the finish is Very Good with typical normal wear from a well-played instrument of this age. It is rated Good overall due to deviations from stock.


Year 2017

Serial #1715770

Weight 8.25lb


Reshaped Headstock (creates a flat-facing contact surface for Gotoh® machine head casing mounts)

Gotoh® SD510 HAP (high adjustable posts) Machine Heads with tulip buttons

RIC® 03295 Bakelite Nut

Fretboard Varnish Removed

Stainless Steel Frets

Recently PLEK® Processed

New D’Addario® Chromes/XL Strings, Balanced Tension Custom Set

  • 42w/20 32w/15 24w/11.5 17/8.5 13.5/13.5 10/10
  • 186.3 lb. Tension

Vintage Re-issue “Toaster” Pickups

  • Gavitt Cloth Hookup Wiring 
  • Neck 6.6KΩ, 1.5L 
  • Middle 7.4KΩ, 1.7L
  • Bridge 7.4KΩ, 1.7L 

TAOT® CTS® 450G 525KΩ 5% Tolerance Audio Taper Pots

  • 3 Independent Volumes w/Kinman Treble Bleed 1nF/220K
  • 1 Master Tone w/Orange Drop .047uF
  • Gavitt Cloth Circuit Wiring

Switchcraft® 3-way Toggle

Pure Tone Technologies Mono Output Jack (superior cable contact points)

Custom Trapeze Tailpiece (individual string-thru, correct wide-width spacing)

Vintage-style Strap Buttons (original Schaller® strap locks included)


Ethos Custom “Union Jack” Leather Strap

Shubb® Lite 12-string, Wide-Width, Aluminum Capo

Dunlop® Body Mount Pick Holder w/Primetone Picks

Winfield Vintage Ultimate 330/360 Custom Case

  • Vintage-style Silver Tolex
  • Leather End Caps and Handle
  • Plush Blue Form-Fitting Interior
  • Keys


Adjustment Wrenches

  • Dual Truss Rods, Hex Nuts, 1/4″
  • Machine Head Height Adjustment
  • Bridge Height Posts
  • Bridge Saddle Intonation

RIC® Manual & Polish Cloth

Parts Bag


Ships in original factory box. Double boxing is available upon request for an additional charge. International shipping is available, additional charges will apply. Inquire for a quote.