Left handed Rickenbacker 330 12 String 2019

$ 3875.00

For sale is my 2019 Rickenbacker 330/12 string left handed guitar in a vibrant FireGlo finish. These 12 string leftys are extremely rare and are seldom, if ever available. . I ordered this as a custom build through a major dealer in the U.S. and waited a long time to get it, then had quite a bit of difficulty getting my hands on it. But since I’ve had it, it’s been by far my favorite guitar to own. I’ve wanted one for a long time and it was worth the wait. These are great guitars and the build quality is second to none. I’m very reluctant to sell this, but an injury and arthritis to my right hand index finger is making the 12 string too difficult for me to play. I just don’t have the finger strength to be able to play it properly. I’ve listed the guitar as being in mint condition and it is indeed in pristine, like new condition, no scratches, nics or blems anywhere. The guitar has barely been played and never been outside of my home except to a luthier twice. As you can see in the photos I’ve changed the pickups to a set of vintage 60’s spec toaster tops. The pickups were hand made to original specs, scatter wound and lacquer potted by Rob Banta at Gemini pickups in New York. He specializes in vintage pickups and really knows his stuff in this area. They sound amazing! I will include the factory high gain Rickenbacker pickups with the guitar as well as all of the case candy, a fresh set of Ric strings and paper work that it came with. I recently put on a new set of Ric strings, so it should be good to go upon delivery. The guitar will arrive in it’s Rickenbacker Tolex case. It’s been a pleasure to own this legendary guitar and it really sounds incredible through my Vox amp. It can put out the Beatles, Byrds, Petty and R.E.M. sounds that I’ve always enjoyed. Nothing else sounds like one of these! And, it’s a genuine lefty!! The guitar is registered with Rickenbacker and still has factory warranty remaining. If you’re a lefty and have been looking for one of these guitars, this is a rare opportunity to own one.  Thanks