*Collector Alert* 2007 Rickenbacker Limited Edition 75th Anniversary 4003, 660, 360, and 330

$ 32999.00


The Complete Set Of All Four Pieces –
4003, 660, 360, and 330 – Original Hard shell Cases and Rickenbacker Shipping
Cartons Included

A Rickenbacker Collector’s Dream,

These instruments have never been played,
other than a five minute inspection and functionality test when they first
arrived. They are owned by a very dear friend of mine and have been in a
climate controlled storage vault since taking delivery of them back in

Only 75 guitars and basses of each piece
were made to Celebrate Rickenbacker’s 75th Anniversary of being in

It was very difficult to even
get one of these guitars when they were announced, imagine trying to get the entire collection of all four pieces. They sold out worldwide
within 4 hours.

These 75th Anniversary Instruments are very
difficult to find even on an individual basis. It could take years to be
fortunate enough to find even one Rickenbacker 75th Anniversary Instrument for
sale; in any condition. This is your opportunity to grab the ENTIRE COLLECTION
in un-played condition in one shot! I seriously doubt you will ever come across another
opportunity to buy all four pieces at once, in this lifetime! Especially, in
this condition. Once again, these instruments have not been played, other than five minutes to test out!

In the interest of description accuracy, if
you look very closely at the photos, you will notice an extremely insignificant
shiny reflection on the 660 pickguard near the small control knob. It’s under
the surface of pickguard in the gold paint on the bottom of the guard. The owner mentioned that this 660 arrived like this from the factory.
Also, you will notice a very small stress crack on the 330 pickguard at the
screw located at the corner closest to where the input jack is located. The 330
also has a small area on the lower backside where some light small finish checks have developed on the guitar. These
were impossible to photograph and are hardly noticeable unless you hold the guitar at just the right angle, in the right lighting. The issues mentioned above are very
insignificant and do not affect the sheer beauty, functionality, or value of
these extremely rare and highly collectable instruments, at all.  

I have many photos of each of these
instruments. If you would like to see any photos in particular, don’t hesitate
to let me know.

This rare valuable collection is being
offered as a local South Florida in person cash sale, only! Please contact me
for details on how to make arrangements and complete the transaction. If you
would like to make an offer, simply contact me through reverb’s messaging
system. Reasonable offers will be considered. Serious offers and inquiries
only, please! All others will be ignored.

Being the fact that this Rickenbacker 75th
Anniversary Collection is being advertised locally on Craigslist, as well as
other online venues, I reserve the right to end this listing at any time to
facilitate a local sale of the items included, herein.

Please feel free to ask any questions. I’m
happy to help!

Thank you for your interest!