c1955 Rickenbacker Combo 800

$ 14540.68

An exceptionally rare piece of electric guitar history. The Rickenbacker Combo 800 is historically recognised as the first production guitar to feature a humbucking pickup, beating Gibson to the party by a couple of years. This particular instrument is the early spec with a thick Ash body and ‘swiss cheese’ style weight relief hidden under a steel plate. A very unique sounding and feeling instrument thanks to a ‘Horseshoe’ pickup paired with a slinky short scale. Some repairs and modifications have been done to the instrument to keep it going over the years. A neck reset has been performed at some stage and as a result, the neck pocket sees some filler. The guitar has seen an (older) professional re-fret. The pots of the instrument have been replaced, the originals housed within the instruments original hardcase and included with the sale for posterity. A highly collectible instrument with only a small handful of examples known to exist. Includes original hardcase.