2021 Rickenbacker 620 Maplego – mint with factory unfinished fretboard

$ 1950.00

Good as new Rickenbacker 620 in mint condition. Late 2021 model with the unfinished fretboard. Original hardhsell case and all paperwork/case candy included (not even opened). 

Very nice wood grain to the body and beautiful swirl figuring to the fretboard. This is an excellent example!

Very light, but balanced, at 7 lb, 4 oz

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Canadian buyers: Here’s your chance at a new Rickenbacker 620 with the unfinished fretboard! These are not sold/retailed in Canada.

US buyers: You will not be charged additional duties/taxes/fees beyond what Reverb collects at checkout.

International buyers: please reach out for a shipping quote!