1982 Rickenbacker 360/12 WB Fireglo

$ 3500.00

Rickenbacker all but retired the double-bound “old-style” 360/12 OS in 1964— right before George Harrison transformed it into one of the most iconic guitars ever. For the next 15 years, only a handful were produced as special orders.

Then around 1980 Rickenbacker revived the model, which came to be known as the WB (“with binding.”) This is a rare, early example of a second-generation OS/WB. It even says OS in the control cavity.

As such, it’s the closest you can get to a VINTAGE Harrison-style 12-string without paying $25,000 or more.

I personally think this is the best Fireglo finish Rickenbacker *ever* did: a warm, clear, balanced blend from center to edge, with none of the high-contrast, lipsticky look of later (and even some earlier!) examples.

Came to me with some checking and nicks — the most noticeable of which appears to have been touched up — but zero issues other than that.

Upgrades include a 12-saddle bridge and a new custom nut for improved string spacing by the aces at Truetone in Santa Monica. Otherwise all-original. A breeze to play. Loud and resonant acoustically (thanks to the old-school x-bracing) and brilliant through an amp (thanks to the newer-school higain pickups).

Comes with a handsome Rickenbacker-branded period case (possibly of Japanese origin?). Original bridge is included as well. If shipping turns out to be cheaper than the Reverb estimate, I will refund the difference. Thanks!